Lathlain Place artwork changes

July 20, 2015

The public art installation - Lunar Movement - at Lathlain Place is having some extra work done to fix some water damage maintained since it was installed, and improve the design to better meet the expectations of Council and the community.

Work to be done:

  • Repair damage where water has leaked in to some of the Perspex globes (already complete)
  • Make the artwork waterproof.
  • Make changes to the light that will improve the impact of the work at night time
  • Change the colour of the globes in the light fittings
  • Direct the light by making changes to the internal structure of the suspended light fittings
  • Add to the artwork a highly polished large central element on the existing poles. This element will throw additional light back toward the perspex globes.

All work is being done by the artist Damien Butler and will be completed by 15 September 2015.