Lathlain Place facelift is underway

August 6, 2014

Works for the first redevelopment zone in the Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project (LPRP) are underway with site preparation for the Lathlain Place Zone beginning this week.

The aim of the project as part of the broader LPRP is to create a street that is people friendly and safer for both pedestrians and motorists. It will also create a more natural passage between Lathlain Park and Rayment Park.

Councillor Vicki Potter was happy to see ground being broken on the new redevelopment.

“I’m really excited to see works underway and look forward to seeing Lathlain Place transformed into a safer, more people-friendly street. I expect this to be a high quality project that will set the tone for the rest of the zone redevelopment areas in the Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project,” said Councillor Potter.

Site preparation works include removing trees to make way for drainage and lighting works. When these initial works are completed at the end of August 2014, the street will be ready for its planned facelift, including the following features:

  • the planting of six three-metre jacaranda trees with over 1300 plants – comprising 17 species of both local and Australian native understorey –  in the widened median
  • the planting of nine three-metre jacaranda trees on either side of the Lathlain Place verge
  • a widened median with the above new landscaping and new seating
  • new road safety measures including one-way traffic on either side of the widened median, raised traffic platforms at the Howick Street and McCartney Crescent intersections, and a raised pedestrian crossing at the half-way point of Lathlain Place
  • new footpath and carpark paving
  • a new public art piece in the widened median
  • a new bus shelter to replace the existing bus shelter located at the Howick Street intersection
  • new specially designed seating along either side of Lathlain Place