West Coast Eagles construction update

May 3, 2018

The West Coast Eagles and Wirrpanda Foundation training, administration and community facility is advancing quickly.

Much of the concrete base has been poured and the waterproof membrane to the aquatic area has been applied, enabling some back-filling of sand from the stockpile to begin. Construction of the facility remains on track for completion in early 2019.

Landscaping works will be done once construction of the administration facility is complete to avoid any damage to the new trees or plants during that construction period. The landscaping within the lease boundary will be managed by West Coast Eagles and includes the planting of replacement trees as part of the forward works development application approval given to West Coast Eagles, which stipulates the trees removed during the forward works be replaced at a ratio of 6:1.

Majority of these replacement trees will be planted within the lease boundary area, with more to be planted in surrounding parks and streets over a four-year planting program.

Photo credit: Wirrpanda Foundation