Zone 3 update

August 1, 2017

Forward works - Ovals

Work is progressing on the two ovals that form the centrepiece of the Lathlain Park redevelopment.

Perth Football Club continues to play home WAFL games on Oval 1 and with close care by curators, the juvenile surface is maintaining coverage with the current level of use.

The new turf on Oval 2 has settled in and will continue to mature in preparation for Club and community use.

Scheduled pruning

The West Coast Eagles will continue its tree maintenance and pruning program at Lathlain Park this week. This is the rescheduled timing of works which commenced in March 2017 and were deferred. The works have been recommended by arborists and will be conducted by a licensed tree surgeon and supervised by an arborist. The Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy has reviewed detailed information relating to the site and advised that no further approvals are required in relation to the pruning program.

This pruning relates to 14 trees situated around the Oval 1 north embankment.  Five of these trees relate to tree health management, including dead wood pruning and rectification of previous pruning. Nine trees will have thinning to their canopy undertaken, but not by more than 10%.

To reiterate and clarify earlier advice, there will be:

1. checks undertaken for nesting birds in accordance with Council’s standard tree maintenance practices;

2. no “clearing”;

3. no “clearing of native trees”;

4. no “bush clearing”;

5. no “tree felling”;

6. no pruning beyond the 10% requirement in line with the arborist’s scope relating to 14 trees only, to the north of Oval 1.

Forward Works - West Coast Eagles Training, Administration & Community Centre 

Construction of the West Coast Eagles Training, Administration & Community Centre will commence in September 2017 in alignment with all approvals and project planning.

This includes the new home for the Wirrpanda Foundation.