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Kevin Cunningham
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Perth Football Club Zone, West Coast Eagles Zone and Community Activity Zone
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Project Updates



Zone 2 and 2X update - May 2018

May 3, 2018

The first stage of construction for Zone 2 began in February with the demolition and removal of some existing infrastructure including the old toilet block, internal fences and gates, bitumen hardstands and the cottage and outbuilding on Lot 2 (36 Goddard St).

The design consultant team contracted for Zone 2 are completing the detailed design of the area.

The design contract for Zone 2 does not include design of the new Zone 2 toilet block or Zone 2X (Tom Wright Reserve).

A Request for Tender for detailed design of Zone 2X and the Zone 2 ablutions building has been issued and will close shortly.

Once finalised, the detailed design plans for both Zone 2 and Zone 2X are planned to go to tender for construction contracts, with works anticipated to begin after the end of the 2018 WAFL football season.

The hard landscaping and building phase will be done first, followed by soft landscaping (planting of trees and plants) after summer.


Parking on Tom Wright Reserve

May 3, 2018

To ease street parking pressures around the Lathlain Park works, the Town has allowed the construction contractor for Zone 2, business hours parking access on Zone 2X for sub-contractor tradespeople and site staff. This arrangement will be in place until on-site parking becomes available as construction progresses.



Works to begin in Zone 2

December 1, 2017

Concept plans for Zone 2 and 2X were endorsed by Council in August and included the vision for active and passive recreation spaces with facilities and amenities for all to enjoy.

The first stage of construction will be demolition and removal of some existing infrastructure. Council has awarded a demolition contract to a qualified contractor and the works are expected to be completed by the end of February 2018.

Works will include:

•             Demolition and removal of the ablution buildings adjacent to McCartney Crescent.

•             Demolition and removal of the concrete apron (eastern end of the ablution building) and associated grated drainage pit.

•             Removal of internal fences and gates.

•             Removal of bitumen hardstand and bitumen driveway.

•             Removal of any concrete footings within the site.

•             Demolition and removal of the cottage and outbuilding on Lot 2 (No 36 Goddard Street).

The Town has worked with the tenant of 36 Goddard Street to help him find new accommodation which meets his needs. Architectural records have been prepared for both the ablution buildings and for the cottage.

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