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Zone 7 update

May 26, 2017

An independent road safety audit was recently undertaken for Bishopsgate Street (Goddard Street to Roberts Road/Miller Street Street Roundabout) where major interface works with West Coast Eagles facilities are planned. This was undertaken as part of the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel's approval of the West Coast Eagles' development application. The Town will be working collaboratively with the relevant stakeholders to reduce any risks identified.

Other Zone 7 updates include:

Roberts Road upgrade

Road treatments are in the early stage of installation along Roberts Road on both approaches to the roundabout at Bishopsgate Street/Roberts Road/Miller Street. These treatments are reverse ‘s’-type lane deviations which will aid in slowing vehicles as they enter the roundabout.

Other treatments being considered along the section of Roberts Road between McCartney Crescent and Bishopsgate Street include the following:

  • New entry statement with contrasting pavement at the intersection Roberts Road and Planet Street.
  • Additional pedestrian refuge islands, including path connections.
  • Other streetscape enhancements including verge beautification.

Proposed McCartney Crescent streetscape upgrade – integration with Zone 2 

  • Alterations to on-street parking - at verge level, nose-in (90 degree) parking is proposed.
  • New shared-use paths.
  • Landscaping upgrades, both hard (eg: paving, gravel etc) and soft (eg: plants, shrubs, grass etc) treatments.
  • On-road raised plateau-type treatments to match the existing one at the Lathlain Place intersection.

Proposed road improvements at intersection of Bishopsgate Street and Roberts Road/Miller Street – Main Roads black spot

May 3, 2017

The Town has secured funding from Main Roads WA for road improvements at the intersection of Bishopsgate Street/Roberts Road/Miller Street.  An application was made through the Black Spot Program 2016/17 as an assessment of accident data showed a high proportion of rear end and right turn crashes.

The proposed improvements provide ‘pre-deflection’ treatments on the Roberts Road and Miller Street approaches in order to reduce roundabout entry speeds.

See frequently asked questions and a technical drawing of the works below.

What are the works?

The works consist of providing a ‘pre-deflection’ treatment on the Roberts Road and Miller Street approaches to the roundabout.

The pre-deflections will be formed by reconstructing the verge kerbs and median island to form a series of curves that require drivers to slow down on these approaches.

Currently, drivers are entering the roundabout at a high speed and failing to give way to vehicles that are already moving through the intersection. 

Why are these works happening?

This location has been highlighted as an accident black spot through the Town’s ongoing traffic safety review.  As the accident rate is comparably high to other locations, plans for intersection improvements were submitted to Main Roads WA (MRWA) for consideration in their Black Spot Program 2016/17 to resolve the accident problem. 

When are the works due to be undertaken?

The detailed design is complete and being reviewed by Main Roads WA for approval. Once this is attained, the Town will tender the works for pricing and scheduling.

A condition of the funding is that the works are to be completed by July 2017.  At this stage the Town plans for construction to be undertaken in April or May 2017. 

How are the works funded?

This project is 100% externally funded by the Black Spot Program which is managed by Main Roads WA (MRWA).  TOVP staff are responsible for the design, project management and construction management of the project from start to finish. 

Will there be tree removals?

We have identified three trees that will require removal for this project, one Eucalyptus rudis and two Melaleuca preissiana, all are located on the eastern side of Roberts Road. All trees will be replaced within the work site at the completion of the civil works. 

Can the design be changed at this stage?

The intersection arrangement chosen is the basis on which MRWA has approved the funding, so it may not be changed.  The purpose of this notification is to give Residents the opportunity to raise any issues with this option that may not have been considered previously e.g.: restricted property access.

The option shown is deemed the most appropriate by MRWA in terms of reducing the accident problem at an acceptable cost. 

How will access to my property be impacted?

The Town’s construction staff will be in contact with the affected residents as the works progresses and will provide contact details and construction timing information to ensure that any impacts to local residents or concerns will be adequately managed and minimised.



Special Council Meeting outcome

December 7, 2016


On 25 October the draft Lathlain Park Management Plan (MP) and West Coast Eagles Development Application (DA) were advertised for public comment for 28 days. After submissions closed a Special Meeting of Council was held on 6 December 2016 to:

  • Receive the public submissions on the draft Lathlain Park Management Plan.
  • Consider the final draft of the Lathlain Park Management Plan.
  • Consider referring the Lathlain Park Management Plan to the West Australian Planning Commission for approval.
  • Consider the Development Application submitted by Urbis on behalf of the West Coast Eagles Football Club at Lathlain Park.

View the Minutes

View the Appendices

Both items on the agenda were passed unanimously.

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