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Rayment Park complete!

November 8, 2017

Rayment Park is now complete! The final touches were added in late July and August 2017 and included planting of trees (including some citrus!) and lawn, the installation of a wheelchair point next to the park bench, additional gravel paths, relocating the drinking fountain to be near the path and installing coloured uplighting of the large trees which looks spectacular at night.

The Zone completion was officially celebrated at the opening of the Keith Hayes Community Centre where a ribbon was cut to symbolise the completion of Rayment Park.




More Rayment Park works completed

July 13, 2017

It has been all systems go at Rayment Park and a host of works have recently been completed.

  • The toilets are now up and running and open to the public. They have electrically programmable locks that will open at 6am and close at 7pm each day (you will still be able to get out of a toilet if the locks engage). They are being serviced daily.
  • The path network has been installed.
  • An additional six park benches have been installed on concrete pads around the park and link to the path network.
  • Little road signage and a speed hump have been installed to help children learn road rules.
  • The basketball backboard has been replaced and the court remarked.

Still to come is the marking of two crosswalks, a wheelchair area next to the seats, and the path markings for the give way and stop signs. The drinking fountain is also being shifted next to the path.

Further mulching, turfing and planting will occur in the coming months.



Printed LPRP community updates available online

May 30, 2017

The Town has begun including a printed Lathlain Precinct Redevelopment Project community update with the quarterly Life in the Park residents' publication. Edition 1 was sent out at the beginning of March, and Edition 2 will be sent out at the beginning of June. The printed updates are for people who might not be following the project's progress on this website or though the e-newsletter. 

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